MuzArt International is the most established authorized in Malaysia. We have been refining our education approach for over one decade. We welcome students of all ages and abilities from 2.5 to adult.CML Leadership Program ( Age 2.5 to 12 ), CPO Entrepreneurship System ( Age 8 to 17 ), FAC Professional Program ( Age 10 to Adult ) , Clay Art Uniquely Therapeutic ( Age 5 to Adult ) .

Need to explore more about arts? MuzArt International welcomes you to change you into a magisterial artist!

Daphne Teh , Founder & CEO

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

MuzArt International can makes you to enjoy music and arts at the same time. This can makes your brain to think even more creative and brings out your talents through arts.

What is truly unique is how we deliver these programmes. We ensure the success of each and every one of our students by customising what they learn, how they learn it, focusing on their speci!c needs and strengths, and encouraging them accordingly. Not all of our students learn at the same rate, some struggle with various educational challenges, while some others are able to take on additional challenges. Our students bene!t from a learning environment that not only nurtures them individually but also empowers them, building upon their unique interests and capabilities .

6 thinking guides
for children to play 

Role Play
Role Play
It is a fun and a “playful” activity but is also a key component of a child’s learning.
Craft Activities
Craft Activities
Through setting up simple activities that help to develop fine motor skills.
Famous Artist History
Famous Artist History
Art history and art appreciation  lessons. Examining their style  and the materials  they used.
Creative Play
Creative Play
Reimagine learning  through play, activities  building with recycled materials and science games.
Story Telling
Story Telling
Story telling motivate learners also create a more immersive experience and imagination .
Visual Learning
Visual Learning
Understands and retains when ideas, words and concepts are associated with images.

Bespoke education

We create individual student strategies to help our students thrive and excel, academically, emotionally, and to prepare them to be active global citizens in their future career.

Our teachers will adapt their curriculum delivery based on what they observe is the way students learn best. create study plans that best suit the students in order to interest, excite, encourage and help them realise their personal best.

We make a determined effort to keep our class sizes small, with class ratios that can be as low as eight students to one teacher. This has been our successful formula that has allowed us to deliver bespoke education to ensure that the students get what they need to succeed.

Everyone knows everyone at MuzArt International provides a safe and nurturing place for students to develop. We also strongly believe that learning goes on beyond the classroom. Therefore sharing our students’ progress and involving our parents in the students learning journey is integral to what we do.


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Inclusive environment

MuzArt International is the only place that created an excellent background and well-designed surroundings for the students to learn arts more easily. Our educators not only take some extra time and effort to observe each student as an individual and truly believing that each student can succeed in their life but also create a protective place for the kids to learn arts by locking the internal doors until the parents come and fetch their kids.

Progress and feedback on a student’s journey; their interests, strengths, weaknesses, actions, and behavior are all tracked and followed up on. This ensures that the correct support is given in a timely manner, be it in academic progress, counseling, guardianship and/or university advisory support.
By doing this our students are given the chance to work together with the necessary adult supervision to help them reflect, resolve, control their own journey and develop confidence, responsibility, and maturity.

Why choose MuzArt International?

MuzArt International produce unique and creative syllabus, workshops and training that there is no substitute in the market. Our teaching methods, which include creativity, intellectual development, psychological counselling and providing every student with the best classroom environment where every child can unleash their imagination and creativity without any restraints. 


Muzart's Exclusive Art Curriculum


Muzart Education is not just all about strengthening a child's art ability. Our specially designed art classes with our exclusive curriculum & teaching methods also help to elevate a child's other important traits including

✓ Confidence
✓ Creativity
✓ Persistence
✓ Problem solving skills
✓ Cognitive skills
✓ Behavioural issues
✓ Socialising skills
✓ Emotional intelligence

These are traits that might often be overlooked but they are crucial in a child's developmental years.


In our Art Classes for children, we strive towards providing a holistic platform that not just encourage creative thinking but also enhances imaginative productivity. Muzart is all about redefining learning of art. We believe it is crucial to develop a child's Confidence & Creativity from young. Our Heuristic Creative Art curriculum has helped over 5000 students develop their confidence and creativity in a fun and interactive way.

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